Freitag, 22. Juni 2018


Pre-sale for BRINGIN' IT DOWN FEST 2018 started just now. Tickets will be mailed out mid July. 

Crazy but we are sold out, by now, in just under 6 hours.
As the venue is in reconstruction we might be able to release more tickets some time soon once we got the word from the venue that the new capacity is 100% certified.

Edit: 22.07.2018
The show is absolutely sold out.

Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2018

HAWSER announce shows for summer 2018

HAWSER got a good string of shows coming up this summer along with HC heavyweights MADBALL, MERAUDER, JESUS PIECE and friends in DEATHTRAP, SLOPE, & SECOND SIGHT.

Samstag, 28. April 2018

Bringin' It Down Fest

We are working on this for a while now and can finally drop this news. The first installment of Bringin' It Down Fest takes place 22nd September 2018 in Dresden, DE with a Something Inside [Lionheart LP's 10th anniversairy one time reunion] and an european exclusive show of our friends in Down To Nothing. That combination kicked it around quite often in 2008 so we couldn't ask for a better match in 2018.
The evening will be spiced up with performances from Redemption Denied, Deluminator, Method Of Proof [last show], Ashes, Spark, Demolition, & The Heist. More infos & pre-sale follow on some point later.

Donnerstag, 8. Februar 2018


Pre-orders for TRAIL OF LIES first full length are now available in our webstore. Grab your limited vinyl copy now, we also have a nice shirt bundle with an exclusive design.
Syracuse Straight Edge! 

Listen to ´Fight For Victory´ off of ´W.A.R.´ on Apple Music, Spotify, or Bandcamp.

Buy the record here.

Sonntag, 4. Februar 2018

Welcome STOLEN MIND to the Farewell Records mansion.

We are happy to announce that one of the most promising bands around joined us to release a 2 song promo tape. While the band is working on a debut full length the release of the promo tape is set for early sping.

Check out the new track ´Devil In Disguise´ on Youtube.