Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2012

Light It Up ´state of mind´ 7" & Cutting Away Fanzine #3

Welcome to our store Light It Up´s debut 7" & Cutting Away Fanzine #3.
Light It Up progressed and improved to a nihilistic monster. Took them some time to finally release but worth the wait. If you like hardcore, this is your choice!

Cutting Away Fanzine #3. Allan Reid of Just Say Go/Connections/Fire´s Of Waco fame writes this one and he gave us the permission to print and spread the zine in Germany/Europe. Regarding interviews the main focus is set on Australian bands. Perfect for hc kids that look beyond whats cool and trendy. An interview with Dan O´Mahony rounds it all up. Still in love with printzines.

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