CURSELIFE "Higher Ground" 7"
   Release date: 12-19-2020

   Pressing Info:

   -100 Light Blue
   -200 Grey Marble

    Track Listing:

   STOLEN MIND ´Heaven's Packed´ LP
   Release date: 09-11-2020

   Pressing Info:

   -099 Clear with Red & Black Splatter
   -200 Black in Beer

    Track Listing:

   SAFE STATE ´What's The Need For The Rush?´ LP
   Release date: 05-01-2020

   Pressing Info:

   -100 White with Red Splatter
   -200 Grey Marble

    Track Listing:
    01. The Choice
    02. Count Me Out
    03. Think Twice
    04. Unsighted
    05. Comforting Lie
    06. Draw The Line
    07. Relentless Force
    08. My Pledge
    09. Sunstance
    10. The Reckoning
    11. Another Wave
    12. Self Seeker
    13. No More Room

   DELUMINATOR ´Swamp Melody´ LP
   Release date: 11-09-2019

   Pressing Info:
   -150 Mint Green (opaque) w/ Black Blob (effect came out poor in most
   -150 Gold (opaque) w/ Black Marble
   -250 Red (transparent) w/ Black Splatter (100 with Record Release

   Show cover
   -100 with Pre-Order cover)

   Track Listing:

   01. Soulstringer
   02. Survivor
   03. Innkeeper
   04. Heartbreaker
   05. The Trooper
   06. Truthseeker
   07. Deathbomber

   VLADA INA ´Chained Down To Things That Are´ LP
   Release date: 09-00-2019

   Pressing Info:
   -103 White (opaque)
   -103 Grey Marble (opaque)
   -103 White/Red Marble (turned out as Red (transparent) with White

   -10 Black Test Pressings

   Track Listing:
   01. Chained Down
   02. Vice
   03. Birth
   04. Blind Faith
   05. Who You Are
   06. Cold Skin
   07. Break Off
   08. Things That Are
   09. Paradise
   10. Asleep
   11. Antipathy
   12. Gone

   DEMOLITION ´Mad At The World´ 7"
   Release date: 11-15-2019

   Pressing Info:
   -56 Blue (opaque) [5 to 6 copies with some black smudge]
   -206 Black

   -10 Black Test Pressings

   Track Listing:

   01. Struggle

   02. War
   03. No Excuses
   04. P.O.S.
   05. Debts
   06. Cocktail
   07. By My Side
   08. Endless Chapter
   09. M.A.T.W.

   ILL BLOOD ´Ill Blood´ 7"
   Release date: 10-18-2019

   Pressing Info:
   -56 Red (opaque)
   -104 Purple (opaque)

   -104 Green (opaque)
   -256 Yellow (opaque)
   -10 Black Test Pressings

   Track Listing:
   A1. Scraps
   A2. Ill Blood
   A3. My Rage
   B1. Stick Tight
   B2. No Sympathy
   B3. Paved Bliss

   RISK IT! ´Era Of Decay´ 7"
   Release date: 04-06-2019

   Pressing Info:
   -110 Gold (opaque) used for pre-order

   -220 Red (transparent) *band & webstore only*
   -330 White (opaque)
   -440 Transparent (76 of them with record release show sleeve)
   -10 Black Test Pressings

   Track Listing:
   A1. Disorder
   A2. Era Of Decay
   A3. No Comfort
   B1. Collision Course
   B2. Cutting Ties
   B3. Reasons & Doubts

   TIDES DENIED ´The Steps You Take´ LP
   Release date: 11-16-2018

   Pressing Info:
   -103 Yellow (opaque)

   -203 Transparent Clea
   -203 Dark Blue
   -2 Black Test Pressings
   Track Listing:
   01. Competition
   02. Imbalance
   03. The Difference
   04. Duality Of Time
   05. Change Face
   06. The Truth
   07. All You Feel
   08. Iron Age
   09. Above It All
   10. Redefine
   11. Poisoned

   12. The Steps You Take

   STOLEN MIND ´Promo Twenty Eigthteen´ CS
   Release date: 04-19-2018

   Pressing Info:
   -75 red tapes made
   Track Listing:
   01. Devil In Disguise
   02. Shelter

   Release date: 04-15-2018

   Pressing Info:
   -103 Mint Green

   -106 White
   -337 Transparent Clear
   -10 Black Test Pressings

   Track Listing:
   01. Master Of My Destiny
   02. Run
   03. Next Generation
   04. Ultradominance
   05. W.A.R.
   06. God Of Rage
   07. Black Mirror
   08. Fight For Victory

   DEMOLITION ´Demolicious´ 7" | Tape

   Release date: 04-20-2018

   Pressing Info:
   -200 Black (all handstamped)
   -6 Black Test Pressings

   Track Listing:
   A01. Scum
   A02. Spoiled
   A03. Born Free
   A04. A Mess
   B01. The Lesson
   B02. Sick!
   B03. Count Me Out

   SOULGROUND ´Life Ends´ LP
   Release date: 10-19-2017

   Pressing Info:
   -206 orange with red marble (transparent)
   -206 clear/black marble,
   -103 red/black marble
   -12 black test pressings

   Track Listing:
   01. *
   02. Faith And Control
   03. Crosses And Gallows
   04. Blind Delusion
   05. Martyrs
   06. Strangled Souls
   07. Dust
   08. Relics Of Mind
   09. Thousand Lines
   10. Faces Of Death
   11. Death

   METHOD OF PROOF ´Endure the Pain´ LP
   Release date: 10-20-2017
   Pressing Info:
   -104 grey (opaque)
   -205 purple (transparent)
   -10 black test pressings

   Track Listing:
   01. Disillusioned
   02. Endure The Pain
   03. Days
   04. No Time To Rest
   05. Bad Joke
   06. Suffering Solitude
   07. 3-45
   08. Laid To Rest
   09. Damned to be Free
   10. What Was
   11. Extinction

   BARK ´Bark´ 7"

   Release date: 11-10-2017

   Pressing Info:
   -100 clear
   -400 yellow (opaque)
   -10 black test pressings

   Track Listing:
   A01. To The Test
   A02. Doomed to Death
   A03. Planet Display
   B01. Shards
   B02. Twisted Mind

   HAWSER ´Tough Love´ LP
   Release date: 05-15-2017

   Pressing Info:
   -197 clear

   -206 white (opaque)
   -103 pink (opaque),
   -12 black test pressings

   Track Listing:
   01. Tough Love
   02. In Harmony
   03. Hell-Bent (The Bottle Pt. 2)
   04. Let The Judas Rot
   05. Coupe De Grace
   06. Case Closed
   07. Babylon
   08. Shed The Skin
   09. Under Your Spell

   CHAINS ´Made For Standing 7"
   Release date: 03-06-2017
   Pressing Info:
   -12 Black Test Pressings
   -116 brown (transparent)
   -188 green (transparent)

   -193 clear

   Track Listing:
   01. Green Line
   02. What's Your Excuse
   03. Behind Our Eyes
   04. Moonstomp
   05. Loss Of Balance
   06. Just Another Dream

   ASHES ´Lost In A Haze´ LP
   Release date: 08-13-2016
   Pressing Info:
   -103 Clear

   -103 White (opaque)
   -309 Black
   -10 Black Test Pressings

   Track Listing:
   01. Lost In A Haze
   02. Love Is Lust
   03. No Way Out
   04. Send Me To Hell
   05. Wolves
   06. Turned to Stone
   07. Certain Death
   08. The Hammer Of Justice
   09. The Illusion Of Fear
   10. Pointing Fingers
   11. Wicked World

   DELUMINATOR ´Built To Kill´ LP | CD

   Release date: 10-17-2016

   Pressing Info:
   -110 red/white marble (60 of them with New Kids rip off
    cover used for pre-orders)

   -220 yellow (opaque)
   -220 blue/black marble (100 of them with Metallica rip off cover used
    for record release shows, 25 blue with tour 2017 tour cover)
   -10 black test pressings

   Also released on Tape via Injustice Records.

   MENTAL REFUSE ´No Empathy´ 7"
   Release date:

   Pressing Info:

   -69 Clear with Pre-Order Sleeve
   -232 Yellow (opaque)
   -170 Red (transparent) & Black Marble
   -10 Black Test Pressings
   Track Listing:
   A1. Grab Back
   A2. Knife
   A3. Take
   B1. Burst
   B2. Greed

   WORLD EATER ´The Path´ LP | CD
   Release date:

   Pressing Info:

   -110 Pink (opaque)
   -206 Clear w/ Black Smoke
   -309 Green (transparent) [100 of them with Family Guy off sleeve used
   for record release shows], 31 green with last show cover,
   -10 black test pressings

   Track Listing:

   A1. Intro
   A2. Man Made Hell
   A3. As Your Spirit Dies
   A4. Lifesucker
   A5. Drifting Apart

   A6. Leave The Past Behind
   A7. Inside View
   A8. Said And Done
   A9. The Path
   B1. Circles
   B2. Deal With It
   B3. The Dark Road
   B4. Narrow Minded
   B5. Say Goodbye
   B6. Prove You Wrong
                                                                                                 B7. Challenge With Gods Laws
                                                                                                 B8. 23-4-92

   RISK IT! ´Cross To Bear´ LP | CD
   Release date: 01-08-2016
   Pressing Info:
   -89 Clear w/ White Marble

   -156 Orange (opaque)
   -356 White
   -12 Black Rejected Test Pressings
   -12 Black Test Pressings
   -Second Press: 
412 Turquoise (transparent) [100 of them with Record
   Release Show sleeve]
   -Third Press: 309 Gold

   Track Listing:
   01. Getting Low
   02. Mind's Demise
   03. Boiling Point
   04. Trapped
   05. Balance Of Power
   06. Cross To Bear
   07. Finish Your Business
   08. Crumble Inside
   09. Sparta Pt. Two
   10. Face Reality
   11. Can't Take It Away

   JAIL ´Resurrection´ 7"
   Release date: 12-15-2015

   Pressing Info:
   -110 pink
   -110 white
   -313 black, 2 alternatives covers were used for a pre-release show & record release show-unknown which colors were used
   -10 black test pressings

   BELIEF ´No More Doubts´ 7"
  Release date: April 1st 2016

  Pressing Info:

  1st press: 103 white with Bold ´st´ rip off cover used for pre-orders, 
  103 red, 103 clear, 195 turquoise (54 of them with Turning Point rip off
  cover used for the record release show), 10 black test pressings

   INTENSE ´Sick And Depraved´ 7"
  Release date: 2015-04-00

  Pressing Info:

  1st press: 525 white/black marble, 10 black test pressings

  CORNERED ´Sudden Death´ LP|CD
  Release date: 2015-00-00

  Pressing Info:

  1st press: 110 black, 220 white, 213 blue, 10 black test pressings

  THE HEIST ´Demonstration´ 7"


  Release date: 2015-03-00

  Pressing Info:

  1st press: 277 black [50 of them with record release show cover],    
  10 black test pressings

  FRUSTRATION ´I Don't Think God Heard Me´ 7"  
  Release date: 2014-00-00

  Pressing Info:
  1st press: 103 black, 103 red, 309 green [50 of them with last show
  cover], 12 black test pressings

  LIGHT IT UP ´The Heaviest Weight´ LP|CD
  Release date:
  Pressing Info:
  1st press: 105 black pressed [50 of them with record release show cover,    55 of them with pre-order cover], 110 clear, 300 white, 2 black test 

  THE RIVER CARD ´Forced Hand´ 7"
  Release date:

  Pressing Info:
  1st press: 103 baby blue, 202 clear, 206 white, 12 black test pressings

  STRAIGHT HATE ´Stuck In The East´ 7"
  Release date:

  Pressing Info:
  1st press: 309 black, 13 black test pressings

  HAWSER ´Young And Restless´ LP|CD
  Release date:

  Pressing Info:
  1st press: 104 white, 104 pink, 306 black, 10 black test pressings

  CITY TO CITY ´Nothing Worth To Live For´ LP
  Release date:

  Pressing Info:
  1st press: 110 white, 110 grey marble, 330 black, 10 black test pressings

  WAR CHARGE ´New World Justice´ 7"
  Release date:

  Pressing Info:
  1st press: 100 black, 220 red, 220 blue, 13 black test pressings

  PIECE BY PIECE ´Primitive As Fuck´ 7"
  Release date:

  Pressing Info:
  1st press: 110 yellow, 220 red, 240 black, 10 black test pressings

  RISK IT! ´The Only Thing´ 7"
  Release date: 2013-07-00

  Pressing Info:
  1st press: 100 clear [50 of them with alternative cover used for record
  release show], 100 black with Turtles/Pizza cover used for pre-orders,
  300 blue (clear), 12 test pressings
  2nd press: 160 white pressed [50 of them with RSD Can Suck It cover
  used for RSD 2014], 314 red (clear)

  REFLECTIONS ´Supreme´ 7"
  Release date: 2013-00-00

  Pressing Info:
  1st press:306 black pressed [50 of them with Insted ´Bond Of Friendship´
  rip off cover used for pre-orders], as for test pressings - long story short -
  we recieved the wrong test pressings and the pressing plant refused to
  correct the mistake and gave a discount instead. though this gives a
  chance that TP's were actually mixed up. destiny unknown.

  CLEARVIEW ´Seeds Of Rage´ 7"
  Release date: 2013-07-00

  Pressing Info:
  1st press: 306 black pressed, no test pressings exist

  LIGHT IT UP ´Dog Days´ 7"
  Release date: 2012-10-00

  Pressing Info:
  1st press: 520 black pressed [50 of them with dog die cut cover used for
  pre-orders, 50 of the with alternative cover and dog tags used for record
  release show, 30 with alternative cover used for RSD 2014], 10 black test

  THE BRIDGE ´...Between´ 7"
  Release date: 2013-00-00

  Pressing Info:
  1st press: 300 black

  WE RIDE ´On The Edge´ LP|CD
  Release date: 2012-10-05 

  Pressing Info:
  1st press:105 black, 400 white [50 of them with record release show
  cover], 10-12 test pressings

  RISK IT! ´Who's Foolin' Who?´ LP|CD
  Release date: 2012-04-12

  Pressing Info:
  1st press: 100 yellow [50 of them with euro 2012 tour cover], 
  100 blue with pre-order cover], 300 black [50 of them with record release
  show cover]
  2nd press: 206 white
  3rd press: 256 clear, 256 red
  4th press: 206 green  
  5th press: 103 translucent orange
  6th press: 110 Translucent Purple, 110 Clear with Blue Marble, 110 Black

  Release date: 2010-03-00

  Pressing Info:
  1st press: 232 black/orange swirl [50 of them with pre-order sleeve], 
  250 half black/half orange [50 of them with last show sleeve], 10 last
  show covers farewell logo stamped used as band copies,
  10 black test pressings

  Built On Trust ´Looking For Something More´ CD
  Release date: 2008-00-00

  Pressing Info:
  1st press: no idea

  THE TRUTH ´Demo 2008´ CD-R
  Release date: 2008-04-01

  Pressing Info:
  1st press: 50-100 made

  Release date: 2008-07-00 
                         2018-09-22 [2nd press]
  Pressing Info:
  1st press: 99 black with alternative cover sleeve used for pre-orders, 
  100 black/pink splatter, 100 red/black splatter, 197 yellow/green splatter
  [30 of them with gold spaypainted covers used for Fluff Fest 2007], 10
  black test pressings
  2nd press: 104 gold, 10 test pressings [10 years anniversairy edition]

  Release date: 2007-08-00

  Pressing Info:
  1st press: 508 baby blue pressed, all center labels are stamped with 5
  different colors limited to 100 each, remaining 8 copies were used for
  band copies with 2 of them came as fatties (twice as thick as regular
  records), 25 of them were used for the record release show August 8th
  2007 & 25 of them were used for a record release show on August 18th

  Release date: 2007-02-17

  A Compilation 7" of both out of print E.P.'s plus a hidden cover song.

  Pressing Info:
  1st press: 500 CDs made

 SOMETHING INSIDE ´Something Inside´ 7"
  Release date: 2006-04-00

  Pressing Info:
  1st press: 518 white pressed [30-50 of them with date stamped on center
  labels used for record release show]
  1 got destroyed or found a new home of an employee at Universal Berlin     (dream big)


 SOMETHING INSIDE ´You Will Feel It´ 7"
  Release date:

  Pressing Info:
  1st press: 500 blue [100 of them with October 2005 tour cover, some
  come with more or less funny handwritten stuff on the sleeves]

Release date: 2004-00-00

Pressing Info:
1st press: 50 White, 100 Black Tapes [or vice versa, not 100% sure]


THE TRUTH ´In Your Face´ CS
Release date: 2004-00-00

Pressing Info:
1st press: unknown